Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I had a bad day !!

Haih .. .. .. Today is a horrible, terrible and vegetable day !! Why is that so ?
Today is horrible because i slept very late yesterday and my eyes became soooooo ugly and dark almost like a panda. Haih .. .. ..
Then the day became terrible when the calculus teacher gave out the calculus paper back to us.. another haih .. ..
Then the day became "vegetable" (just to rhythm, hahaha) when we went for the interview. It was such an embarrasement .. Oh my .. Those people who were there might have known the whole embarassing incident. Interview..Interview..Interview..I hate interview !!


fab said...

whoa!how's the interview?!

kk said...

an embarassement for me !!1

Jacky said...

i thought it was amusing the way we answered, some weird and funny answers there but still interesting interview overall, but the tchers in charge laughing and giggling away hiding their smiles while taking record of what we said during the interview, weird, i hav nvr seen such interview where everyone is interviewed together leh~ yeng! haha!