Wednesday, December 8, 2010


it's snowing again T.T

p/s this is the view from my window ^^

luckily I got my winter boots ^^

It's so warm and cozy~ I just love it !!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Later in the evening, I am going to write the ELPE test AGAIN.
But this time, I need to pass!! Please let me pass~~

So the plan is: I am going to spend the first five minutes doing brain storming;
10 minutes for introduction, 20 minutes for two body paragraphs,
another 10 minutes for conclusion and the rest of the time to
proofread my essay.

Well, in order for me to proofread efficiently, I need to know what are the
usual mistakes that I could have made. These are the few gramatic errors that
I made in my first essay:

error # 1:
subject word agreement!

Eg: People, as human beings, have the nature of being lazy.

* I shall identify the subjects of every sentence and check if my verbs agree with the subject!! *

error # 2:
spelling mistakes!

*what else? hmmph...just avoid using words that I don't know how to spell @.@*

error # 3:
pronoun shift!

Start with people...they...people....

error # 4:
usage of comma splice (;) and comma (,)

comma splice is like a period, it separate two similar ideas in a sentence.
Eg: Everyone needs to work to get something they want; even the ants "work" to get their own food!

comma has three functions:
#1: used to join a list of items **parallelism!!
Eg: The closest contained coats, shoes, and rubber boots.

#2: interruption in a sentence (2 commas)
Eg: Mr Wong, my uncle, lives in Vancouver.

#3: introductory commas
Eg, However,........

*just use period!!!! if I am not sure*

error #5:


O.M.G I am so very nervous @.@ I don't like this feeling at all. I just hope I pass the exam....Please pass me..please please please~~~

200 USD

O.M.G. I am so nervous right now!!!!
I just swipe 200 USD on the net with just a few clicks on my lap top!!!
I guess you would wonder what cost 200 USD ei?
It's the FM paper!!!! T.T
SHE is expensive!!
FM is the second professional paper offered by SOA.
To be really frank though,
I haven't written my first paper yet,
which is really slow T.T
but no worries ^^
I am going to attempt paper 1 in the coming July,
right after I pass my FM paper,
which, BY THE WAY,
yep, I am pressuring myself
*I am so under pressured now* T.T

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am so bored right now =.=
waiting for the clock to strikes 2.30pm, waiting to attend mt actsc tutorial session..
in the mean time, I figure out that maybe I should scribble something in my blog, so here i am =)

Next week I am going to have my finals T.T the subject that really freaks me out is the bloody english essay!!! I hate it... yep! the first exam that I fail in UW! Apparently, every undergraduate student need to write this ELPE (english language proficiency exam) and pass it before 2B term. or else, you will be in great trouble!! What is the consequences if I don't pass it?!?!?!?!?! CHOI!!!! Well, I need to take an english course...ewww....which I am required to write an english essay every friday! ONO!!!!!!
So, please pray that i pass!!!! I want to pass!!!! frankly though, I don't have much confidencde =(

hmmph....time is so slow when you want it to flies!!! it's only 2.04 pm....=.=...


Thursday, April 29, 2010


i am so depressed right now =( so what if i am down and sad?? what is done is done.. what can i do? i can only repent.. realize my mistake.. do better next time..realized i din put TRY to do better? it's because there is no try... using the word try only give u a reason not to do your best.. isn't it???

i want to be happy!!! so i will smile after i get over with my "sadness". my uncle once told me that if u did badly in your exam, just be sad a while, after that u need to stand up =) i totally agree with him.. so that's what i am going to do.. wait for me..and i will smile by 2day =)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Don't be too happy or you will end up being sad T.T

happy happy

yeah! today we went out!! so happy!!
actually we wanted to go to damansara there watch movie cause we have free ticket. but cant find the place =( wasted my effort and $22 =( so we went to KLCC instead.. we ate NANDOS!! yum yum.. i love da sauce!! den he bought BEN 10 pencil box for little qiqi.. so pian xin.. so sad =( wa... da parking ticket RM 8!! so expensive.. there goes my ice-cream.. we paid the parking fee took the change but forgot the ticket.. aiya.. den we ran back.. A.. luckily.. it's on the wall beside the machine.. thank god!! .. actually we wanted to go back to ch.. but already 2.10.. every1 go home d la.. so we also go home lo...