Friday, May 16, 2008

。 。 。男孩 。 。 。 女孩 。 。 。

今天在班上很无聊, 所以就几个人聚在一起 。。。
谈了一些想法。。。 那你的想法呢 ??



真期待你们的想法 。。。

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Skating ^@^

Tired..v tired..

Today is the last day for our mid year exam.. Modern Maths.. Who actually studies for that ?!? i wonder.. hmm...

So, after the test, 11 of us went to sunway piramid to have some fun.. We went to Kim Gary for food.. I think the food is too prizy for the poor like me..though we have 10% off for student rate..

Then, we went for ice skating.. The second time in my life time.. the first time was in year 2003 ^@^

We had so much fun.. i kind da know how to skate.. at least i think so..hey..i can move on the ice..though someone said my movements are a bit abnormal... =.=

I had so much fun that i didn't really want to leave.. unfortunately.. my legs are sending signals...saying...STOP!! STOP!! STOP SKATING!! Ooo Yaaa !!! Mind you guys to bring plaster when going skating...

Now .. i am tired.. and i want to leave the computer ad have my beauty rest..