Saturday, August 15, 2009


Don't be too happy or you will end up being sad T.T

happy happy

yeah! today we went out!! so happy!!
actually we wanted to go to damansara there watch movie cause we have free ticket. but cant find the place =( wasted my effort and $22 =( so we went to KLCC instead.. we ate NANDOS!! yum yum.. i love da sauce!! den he bought BEN 10 pencil box for little qiqi.. so pian xin.. so sad =( wa... da parking ticket RM 8!! so expensive.. there goes my ice-cream.. we paid the parking fee took the change but forgot the ticket.. aiya.. den we ran back.. A.. luckily.. it's on the wall beside the machine.. thank god!! .. actually we wanted to go back to ch.. but already 2.10.. every1 go home d la.. so we also go home lo...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let da photo do da talking=)


bday boys singing..lit yang so shy..

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you =)

What he ordered

What i ordered =) yummy

2 girls feeding each other..

lit yang n his food

soh soh and yee yee =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


tzu ying bek d..
ho kit oso bek d..
ch holiday on monday?(right? not too sure)
let's go party!!!
where? when?
so happy =)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

happy =)

happy happy happy =)
it was fun yesterday, can't wait for the next gathering with more people =)
people say i has not change a sad.. hopefully my hair will grow long long long long for the next gathering...and ka wun's toy puddle is sooooo cute =) aand i finally have the courage to touch little louise at the end of the day =)so happy!!! but someone else just stay in the air cond room and play "you know what boys play" =( hng!!! terrible!!! =) gotta get back to my assignment =(

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

please be aware !!

people people people..please be aware of the surrounding..and try to face the fact that the world is not as good as you thought..

( 1 )

An important note from a friend to share with you........

A while ago heard that my friend's brother-in law's mother was cheated
of RM350, 000. And today, this happened to me. Until now, when I think
of it, I still feel numb all over. Only difference is that they did
not manage to cheat my money.

This afternoon, I was still in the office on my computer when my
handphone rang; I picked it up, but no answer on the other side. I
hung up, but it rang again, I looked but there was no registered no. I
picked up the phone and again no one on line. This happened for many
many time. I did hear some soft voices of a few men on the other side
but could not hear exactly what they were saying. This went on and on,
my phone just did not stop ringing. Then I remembered what I've read
in the newspapers and decided to call home. But I kept calling and
could not get through to my house no. and no one picked up on my
mother's handphone. Meantime, my handphone did not stop ringing. I was
getting really worried and finally managed to get through to home and
my mother picked up the phone. She was crying and kept asking me where
I was. When I told her I was at the office, she would not believe me
and I needed to reassure her that yes, I am in the office.

I found out that someone called my mother telling her that I've
borrowed RM120, 000 from them and asked her to bring that money
immediately for my release. They even had someone screaming at the
side pretending to be me "Mum, I am xxxx, come save me quick"... My
mother was so scared and the party kept my mother on the line with a
lot of rubbish, refusing to let her hang up. Kept telling my mother to
prepare the money to save me. Luckily I called home; otherwise my
mother would have gone to prepare the money.

Please be careful.....

1. The cheaters thought that if they keep calling my handphone, I will
really feel annoyed and switch off my handphone then my mother will
not be able to contact me.

2. The cheaters must have also kept her on the phone all the time so
as not to give her time to call me to confirm my safety. Please go
home and tell your family that if they meet the same situation, do not
worry, do not panic. Call around to check, many other phones you can
use. If your handphone also ring non-stop like mine, do not switch off
your handphone. Call home immediately to check. Let your family know
that you are ok.

Jacob Goh

OCBC Bank (M) Berhad

( 2 )
Dear all,

This afternoon (14/04/2009), while waiting for my husband in front of the bank ( MBB, Jalan Taiping, Klang), I saw a Malay lady bending down to throw some RM1.00 notes behind the tyre of a car parked in front of mine.

After throwing the notes, she knocked the car's window to tell him that he has dropped some money. Right after that, a man came knocking on my window, also telling me that I have dropped something.

Fortunately, I was not conned by them because I have witnessed what that Malay lady was doing. They came in a group of 4 (1 lady and 3 guys whom all look like foreigners; like the Arabian/ Moroccan type).They will rob you once you open your car door to check.

Please pass this email to all your friends, relatives and colleagues to warn them about these people even if you are not from Klang.

( 3 )
Please forward this to your friends and relatives.
Recently there are rape cases happening in KLCC toilet near cinema...

2 girls went into the toilet, they were gang rape by a few man believe to be Malays or Bangladeshi.
These animals put the pail & mop outside the toilet, so that nobody will enter the toilet assuming cleaning is going on..

They open all the water taps so that no one can hear anything from outside..
One of the victims is now suffering from mental problem..

A lady accompanied by boyfriend to the ladies, boyfriend was waiting outside the toilet..

In such a short period of time she was rape by a few man..
This boyfriend was very sad and angry, he disclosed the incident in the net...

All the above happened in KLCC near cinema toilet...

Please be extra alert!!! Please forward this email to your friends and ask them be careful..
This is true story !!! pls fwd …
Through a Rapist's Eyes (No Joke)

Thanks & Regards

Hazel Wong
TA Travel Sdn Bhd
8th Floor , Menara TA One
22 Jalan P.Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, April 12, 2009

my salsa =)

i did it today 12/4/09

what is salsa?
--spicy sauce of tomatoes and onions and chili peppers to accompany Mexican foods

ingredient :
-4 apples
-4 onions
-1 green pepper
-chinese salary
-chili padi
-sugar,salt, vinegar (to your taste)

chop everything , throw them into a pot and boil =)

my first cheese cake =)

i did it on tuesday 7/4/09

ingredient :
-cream cheese
-milk (冲茶的)
-digestive biscuit & oreo

sushi part 2 =)

i did it on friday 10/4/09

ingredient :
-japanese rice
-rice vinegar,sugar, salt (add to your taste)

Friday, March 27, 2009

离开中华 =)

噢,我离开中华了。。今天我去办离校手序。。差不多完成了。。我会到 inti subang jaya 读 American Degree transfer Program !! Nilai 好呢还是 subang 好呢 ? 好烦哦。。我爸爸要我去 subang 的, 他爸爸要他去 nilai 的 。。要住宿舍还是每天来回呢? 可是我走了就只留下我可怜的爸爸妈妈。。我好不忍心哦。。。每天来回又好累哦!!!坐巴士 然后 LRT !! 一定很累的!!!怎么办?

我五月四号才开课叻。。四月要做什么呢? 帮我想一想叻。。是时候看多一点英文书了。。不然以后去美国一定会很惨!!!我还要玩 KAKURO 刚刚学到的游戏。。很好玩一下下 =)ERM。。。拉小提琴咯。。走街。。还有托...

朋友们。。我很好奇你们会读什么科系。。可以说说看吗?我要读精算!!! =)

就这样咯 =)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

杨 杨

杨 杨 的 生 日 要 到 了。。3月31号!!。。我 买 了 一 本 书,写 感 谢 语 。迟 点 再 给 你 们 写 。 我 们 还 打 算 洗 去 年 的 照 片放 在 里 面 。。可 能 还 要 买 个 瓶 子 放 糖 果 。。不 过,糖 果 我 本 来 是 想 说 每 个 人 带 5,6 粒 糖 果 会 比 直 接 买 完 全 部 更 有 意 义 。不 知 你 们 怎 么 想 呢 ? 还 有 一 个 本 来 。。有 人 说 他 看 得 出 我 们 拿 成 绩 那 天 杨 杨 很 开 心,所 以 提 议 每 个 人复 印 你 们 的 SPM SLIP 送 给 她 ,几 年 后 她 看 了 应 该 会 很 窝 心 吧 。。可 是 我 不 明 白 为 什 么 有 人 会 反 对 , 请 不 要 说 因为 你 考 得 不 好,因 为 每 个 人 都 考 得 很 好 !很 棒!不 要 看 小 自 己 !!要 常 常 对 自 己 说 你 是 最 好 的 !!! =)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

好 开 心 哦!

三 月 份 假 期 要 到 了 。。 好 开 心 哦!告 诉 你 们 更 开 心 的 事吧 : 下 下 个 拜 六 我 和 猪 猪 就 一 周 年 了 =) 好 开 心 哦!!期 待 期 待 !!

大 家 好 =)

大 家 好 =)
看 了 这 么 多 人 的 BLOG,
令 我 蠢 蠢 欲 动 也 想 写 了!!
真 的 好 想 念 好 想 念 去 年 的 5 S 忠 哦 。 。 。
真 的 是 要 谢 谢 杨 杨 哦,让 我 们 这 么 CLOSE 。。
拿 SPM 成 绩 那 天 你 们 离 校 的 朋 友 真 的 回 一 起 回 来 吗 ?好 期 待 哦 !!

Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 '牛' 转 前 '困'



数学--样子很像 doraemon 他的节,有好笑
生物--翁翁, 开心。


330 令吉。。
几够十分非常极度的贵 哦!!



既然留下来了。。 就得面对。。对不对?