Friday, November 28, 2008

my wedges.. X D

Dare to have a bite?
a bit spicy and have much room for improvement!!
there's 2 potatoes, lots of pepper, lots of curry powder, salt and butter. that's all

Thursday, November 27, 2008

plans plans plans

Plans Plans Plans .. .. ..

Plan A
i need to make a plan

Plan B
i want to take the paper work for undang for this holiday

Plan C
find someone to tune my piano and learn to play it properly.
pick up my violin classes that i have already missed for four months..
hours and hours of piano and violin i guess?
p/s anyone know how to tune a piano?

Plan C
i want to cook different different things.
wedges is my first!! (because i saw py brought some yummy yummy wedges today)

Plan D
o ya !!
daddy mummy have already asked me to clean up ur room!!
up stair n down stair!! basically every where is my room n is filled with my stuff. so , do wish me luck
and all the old books, time to say bye bye. i am looking for buyers? anyone interested?

Plan E
O... my ying xing hui... so difficult... help me!! drowning.. i need a hand ..

Plan F
pavillion - tommorrow
sunway 10th of december (p/s) 25% discount, wanna join?
genting - hopefully i can go.. daddy, can i ?

Plan G
stick to my plans!!
wonder if i can..