Saturday, August 15, 2009


Don't be too happy or you will end up being sad T.T

happy happy

yeah! today we went out!! so happy!!
actually we wanted to go to damansara there watch movie cause we have free ticket. but cant find the place =( wasted my effort and $22 =( so we went to KLCC instead.. we ate NANDOS!! yum yum.. i love da sauce!! den he bought BEN 10 pencil box for little qiqi.. so pian xin.. so sad =( wa... da parking ticket RM 8!! so expensive.. there goes my ice-cream.. we paid the parking fee took the change but forgot the ticket.. aiya.. den we ran back.. A.. luckily.. it's on the wall beside the machine.. thank god!! .. actually we wanted to go back to ch.. but already 2.10.. every1 go home d la.. so we also go home lo...