Saturday, March 15, 2008

bEeN TaGgEd aGaIn...

lucky or unlucky?

001. Real name: Foo Le-May
002. Nickname: kk, karkar
003. Married: erm..see first la..i am still young ^^
004. Male or female: female
005. Highschool: Chong Hwa Independent High School, KL
006. College: haven't thought of..
007. Short or long hair: Short, never had long hair..
008. Are you a health freak: what does that mean?
009. Height: hehe...short short..don't want to mention..
010. Do you have a crush on someone: erm..
011. Do you like yourself: sometimes no..
012. Piercings: ears..a lot of problems after piercing..wondering why did i pierce..
013. Righty or lefty: what does that mean?

014. First sugery: don't know
015. First piercing(s): ears..last year during the long holidays ><
016. First person u see in the morning : mummy
017. First award: erm..
018. First sport you join: not a sport person..
019. First pet: don't know..chicken that a pet?
020. First vacation: forgot..
021. First concert: haven't been to gua...
022. First crush: crush? haha..

023. Eating: steaw and full
024. Drinking: water...
025. I'm about to: take bath >< ..haha

026. Want kids: Har...
027. Want to get married: See first..
028. Careers in mind: something interesting..

029. Lips or eyes: Both also good..haha
030. Hugs or kisses: erm..see with who lo...wakakaka
031. Shorter ot taller : Don't so tall..
032. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
033. Sensitive or loud : What is that?
034. Trouble maker or hesitant: What is that?

035. Kissed a stranger: erm.. how can i remember?
036. Drank bubbles: What is that?
037. Lost glasses/contacts: Maybe..don't know o..
038. Ran away from home: why would i do that?
039. Liked someone younger:Younger means? by months or years?
040. Liked someone older: Liked as in Liked liked or just liked?
041. Broken someone's heart: I don't know wo.
042. Been arrested: Nope
043: Cried when someone died: No gua...
044. Liked a friend: Erm... maybe?

045. Yourself: SOmetimes..
046. Miracles: Sometimes..
047. Heaven: Sometimes..
048. Santa Claus: Not really..
049. Angels: Not really..

050. Is there one person you want to be with right now: sure..
051. Do you believe in God: sometimes..
052. Tag 5 people: Pei CHing, Soh Soh, Jecy, Rachel, Meow Meow Khah Sheng ><


Jacky said...

not unlucky lar...righty or lefty means which hand do you use more, why u everything oso duno duno duno wan...? haha! hugs or kisses depends on who? i noe hu lar~ anyways have fun. is there someone u wana be with right now: sure. <<<< woohoo~ lol !!!

yongsheng said...
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yongsheng said...

Kissed a stranger: erm.. how can i remember?
HoHo.. cant remember ?!!