Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Later in the evening, I am going to write the ELPE test AGAIN.
But this time, I need to pass!! Please let me pass~~

So the plan is: I am going to spend the first five minutes doing brain storming;
10 minutes for introduction, 20 minutes for two body paragraphs,
another 10 minutes for conclusion and the rest of the time to
proofread my essay.

Well, in order for me to proofread efficiently, I need to know what are the
usual mistakes that I could have made. These are the few gramatic errors that
I made in my first essay:

error # 1:
subject word agreement!

Eg: People, as human beings, have the nature of being lazy.

* I shall identify the subjects of every sentence and check if my verbs agree with the subject!! *

error # 2:
spelling mistakes!

*what else? hmmph...just avoid using words that I don't know how to spell @.@*

error # 3:
pronoun shift!

Start with people...they...people....

error # 4:
usage of comma splice (;) and comma (,)

comma splice is like a period, it separate two similar ideas in a sentence.
Eg: Everyone needs to work to get something they want; even the ants "work" to get their own food!

comma has three functions:
#1: used to join a list of items **parallelism!!
Eg: The closest contained coats, shoes, and rubber boots.

#2: interruption in a sentence (2 commas)
Eg: Mr Wong, my uncle, lives in Vancouver.

#3: introductory commas
Eg, However,........

*just use period!!!! if I am not sure*

error #5:


O.M.G I am so very nervous @.@ I don't like this feeling at all. I just hope I pass the exam....Please pass me..please please please~~~

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