Thursday, April 29, 2010


i am so depressed right now =( so what if i am down and sad?? what is done is done.. what can i do? i can only repent.. realize my mistake.. do better next time..realized i din put TRY to do better? it's because there is no try... using the word try only give u a reason not to do your best.. isn't it???

i want to be happy!!! so i will smile after i get over with my "sadness". my uncle once told me that if u did badly in your exam, just be sad a while, after that u need to stand up =) i totally agree with him.. so that's what i am going to do.. wait for me..and i will smile by 2day =)


Daniel. said...

gd luck!

yee said...

do ur best nextime lo..
dun sad^^

yogurt said...


JS said...

I'm sure you can do better next time...:-)