Monday, October 13, 2008

what have i been doing? ! ?

last publish on 30 May 2008!!!
what have i been doing ? ! ?
i don't know !!
by the way, i stopped attending my violin class and "orchestra" since august.. honestly, i do miss them, the violin, the busy Sundays.. but what can i do ? ! ? i gotta choose one from another.. it's my big year.. you see.. it works like this.. if i continue going to the violin class and orchestra i would be wasting a lot of time.. flash back.. sunday.. 2.00 bath 2.30 leave the house 3.00 start my lesson 5.00 go to the orchestra 7.30 walk to the lrt station 9.00 reach home ... what a tired sunday.. its 9 hours!!! and i want to say sorry to my lovely violin and teacher.. i haven't been spending any time with my violin.. yesterday i took it out and i realised you are out of tune. i tried to tune you but the D string is too .... well, i promise i will come back after the exam and spend hours with you. i swear !!

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